We can provide for most of your organizations' hardware requirements through numerous channels in the Orient, due to our cumulative experience in the manufacture- ing and sourcing of personal computer products. By way of introducing our company, we have the following products available for immediate shipments:

Company Profile : History :

Established in mid 1997, Jiessie established itself as a strong Worldwide trade group with its' foundation in component sourcing for a chain store and small regional distribution outlets in Europe, USA, Taiwan China, Japan , Korea , Singapore, etc. During the exceptional growth of the CD ROM industry in 1998/1999, Jiessie was responsible for the placement of over 500,000 drives in the world marketplace. In late 1998 Jiessie joined forces with The Westwood Group in an attempt to expand Their market penetration . Westwood brought almost thirty years of experience in the computer business to this new venture and allowed for a much broader market coverage in the USA and Europe. Together, their intentions are to provide their customer base with as complete hardware sourcing channels as are available anywhere on the Pacific Rim.

Group Organization :

Jiessie is staffed by professional individuals with experience in the manufacture of CD ROM drives as well as CRT monitors. The background in manufacturing is augmented by a deep technical pool if expertise gained through a long term tenure in the personal computer industry. Westwood brings over thirty years of personal computer peripheral distribution and manufacturing experience to the team and together, they offer your organization a quality professional basis for your entry into the product sourcing channels of the Orient.

Policy :

Our company policy is to provide you with quality products at a price conducive to your competitive market requirements, while still maintaining a long term support level which has not been available in the past. We maintain an RMA warranty support group that will provide for timely and efficient services in those instances where the 'norm' seems to be unacceptable time delays and excuses. Couple the above with our extremely well trained technical support staff and you have What any successful organization strives for, " worry free product sourcing ".

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